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It is a must not to vex or/and allow vexation of the nerves, so as to not, damage clear perspective ability. Vexing of the nerves, is disturbance to inner stillness(peace) and optical clarity.

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PEACE UNTO YOU! Peace is wellness. Illness of any form is a disturbance of peace. So, if it be, person, place, or thing, and you, and them, are at odds-it is an enemy to your peace. Put an unapologetic end, and rest yourself in peace.

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Greetings with peace, not vexation. There is a beauty of the senses perceiving in stillness/peace, that is distorted by vexation. Vexation is a destroyer of anything that is good-good is LIFE! Life is hello and goodbye. Hello and goodbye is a blink of an eye. The blink of an eye is three hundred (300) – four hundred (400) milliseconds-very quick, really no time. So greet in giving peace, not vexation, spending time unjust to another and self. Don’t disturb another’s stillness. No one’s peace should be rob-robbing the senses of health, beauty and love. Not disturbing another’s stillness/peace is an act of love. Greetings with peace, not vexation.

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Man, meaning woman also, should try the discipline of respecting one another; it can cause a boomerang affect of harmony and peace, creating a greater good in relationship matters between one and the other.

What man is greater than another? The one that is humble and at the service of the other, huh?

There is some that say: “man to man is so unjust”. My thought on that – “one believing to be ruler of the other or ignorant of the fact that one is just the same as the other bared, is unjust”.

No man is ruler of another. The ruler is the one that rules as master of one self.

It is discipline of respect or not.

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