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“I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” ~ Psalms 82:6

Somewhere a god is without a goddess, and a goddess is without a god, and the one in need of the other. Man should seek, and draw out the goddess in a woman, and woman should seek, and draw out the god in a man; in doing so the union is bless! Man is as woman, woman is as man, and both are the highest physical showing in expression of GOD complete nature. Also, in the merging of the two energies(masculine and feminine), one will emerge demonstrating LOVE, RESPECT, and TRUTH-the gods in creation-creating.

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Man, meaning woman also, should try the discipline of respecting one another; it can cause a boomerang affect of harmony and peace, creating a greater good in relationship matters between one and the other.

What man is greater than another? The one that is humble and at the service of the other, huh?

There is some that say: “man to man is so unjust”. My thought on that – “one believing to be ruler of the other or ignorant of the fact that one is just the same as the other bared, is unjust”.

No man is ruler of another. The ruler is the one that rules as master of one self.

It is discipline of respect or not.

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Every sister is a girl and woman, a treasure of all treasures. I love all my sisters! All are my sisters; black and white and all that may wish to be label/call something else; but, excuse me for a moment, this is to my beautiful black of all shades sisters; that I’am madly in love with. You are sisters and mothers, gardens that will give unto man what he injects mentally, spiritually and physically into you. You are carriers of a nature of nourishing energy, that can feed a man’s spirit, soul and body. You are a force/power, that is at its best, when you know yourself and potential and use your gifts in a positive uplifting manner.    “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies”. ~ Proverbs 31:10    You can ruin yourself by allowing an unproductive man to take your givings for waste, or using your gifts to destroy a productive man of understanding.    “Every wise woman buildeth her house; but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands”. ~ Proverbs 14:1    Yes, it is, a whole lot of mix up; but to know yourself erase a lot of mix up. Our fathers and mothers said;  “Know thyself”. You are Goddesses! So, what is a Goddess? I’am sure it is much more to her than my few words; but, may I just say; a Goddess from my limited man mind, not God’s unlimited mind, is; Graceful, orderly, divine, delightful, ebony, supreme and sister. To conclude: A King will and only bow down to his Queen. A God recognize and honor his Goddess.

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