Don’t be alarm of the comings, that come to you, they always bring/give something, that open doors and close them too. All can be use, it’s up to you to choose. For instance, when there is pain in your life, use it, don’t allow it to abuse you, rain is needed for growth as well as Sun.

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The (d)evils promoting the banner of fears and lies are all around and they hate. Come now and see the angels of LOVE, now and beyond. The (d)evils are neither seen or heard no more-as we say, “let it be” and “so it is”. Change the place in/of the mind and the mind will change the place for U and I.

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Digest: Light is information-all light. The dark is greatest-holding all information. The greater the light, the greater the information. Information is activation of more light. Light it! In this survival game, we wish to save ourselves or another or ourselves and another. Digest: “You can not save no one; you can only shine your light; the light do the saving to whom it saves”. Shine it.

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Perspective of Soul.
There is presence of Soul perpetually.
One is always in the Soul as the Soul is in one. One is Soul, without, none is truly.

Every such one or thing have not a Soul, a spirit, yes, but a soul, no!
That being said, “Soul is everything”, for with not, there is no potential of possibility to feel or come into the power of Soul-it could never be felt or known truly by the with out!

Soul is everything and nothing is more. Don’t cheat that universe, that the spirit travels eternally through-a traveling of self, to the finintiy heights and finintiy lows of self-still talking about Soul.

Soul is spirit’s universe, where eternal travel is above as below and below as above. Soul, the Abode of Rest and Unrest-the perpetual presence.

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We, who eat as the alley cats and dogs.
We, who lay are heads on stone. We, who use paper for blankets, and we, who feet look like shoe soles-we proclaim in our being, “that we are souls!” You don’t know what we been through, so don’t judge, you don’t want it for you. I guess you would like to know who we be? Most call us homeless, don’t judge, you don’t want it for you. With good or bad opportunities, situations, circumstances, and decisions, it could be you too and you would now be a part of who we be-souls unfortunate.

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Boredom, a monster, a killer of one’s energy, especially to static energy. Do not relinquish one’s vital energy, lively energy, creative energy, to the boredom monster. Creativity is always at one’s exposure, even if unaware. Nothing stays still or remain the same-the law is change. There is no death, only static, which is comatose, that could be consider a state of death. When boredom over whelm one’s energy, creativity goes into comatose, or extinguish completely. Manage one’s energy-planning, organizing, evaluating, that not only helps to give one’s energy direction, but also-VITALITY.

Energy is Spirit, Spirit is Energy.

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In the physical dark or physical light, emanate the all light of you and feel every bit that makes you alive. Are things as you want them to be, probably not, but things are not you, you are all things and not-emanate from the point of where the now you are. Whether it be in the light utterances from the dark or in the beauty of the dark’s light-emanate right from the point of where the now you are and feel every bit that makes you alive. Everything matters and not at all. Everything have a manner to it and about it and at the same time formless and comes to mean nothing at all. Be, s/he, a creater of creativity energy, of the Creator energy and be in the all that have manner that matters and matter of manner that is not.
There is a true-self and a physical-self, they both matters to one another and don’t.  Until the time is up, where there is no time, yet all time, emanate where the now you are, where there is manner of matter, that matters to manner not at all and feel every bit that makes you alive.

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Thoughts are language spoken within, before without. Embryo(new) thoughts are older thoughts-they are cycle back thoughts, continuous, never ending. Thoughts may or may not cover themselves with skin of some fashion, but seen or not, once perceive, they are conceive. Watch and know your thoughts. Thoughts are what they are as they are.

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