Thinking about what to write as a first blog; like making and hanging the first dollar in your business, to officially be doing business. So I decided to give myself a first dollar in poem. It also serve in word as a picture, what ” The Lion and Lamb-Eagle and Dove blog ” is about. Title: ” PLAYHOUSE ”



Love  is  so  hard  to  find

In  this  big  playhouse

Really  can  loose  your  mind

In  this  big  playhouse


Hearts  are  cold

Hearts  are warm

Hands  take

Hands  give

In  this  big  playhouse


Eyes  blind

Eyes  see

Bodies  die

Bodies  live

In  this   big  playhouse


Lips  curse

Lips  bless

Ears  deaf

Ears  hear

In  this  big  playhouse


I’ll  be  damned


I’ll  be  just  a  lamb

In  this  big  playhouse


Written by:  Derok’  Priest  Stone