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Thoughts are language spoken within, before without. Embryo(new) thoughts are older thoughts-they are cycle back thoughts, continuous, never ending. Thoughts may or may not cover themselves with skin of some fashion, but seen or not, once perceive, they are conceive. Watch and know your thoughts. Thoughts are what they are as they are.

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Blank sheet(s) is/are better than expelling vomit of thought(s) on paper!

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No honor is needed to be given by another for one to have honor. Honor or dishonor is allow and done unto one’s self. Honor can’t be taken, only given up. So, as there are those who may try to dishonor another, they actually are doing dishonor unto themselves, by/when directing useless inferior actions and negative intentions toward another.

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Thoughts. “You can have degrading thoughts, or uplifting thoughts-your thoughts affect you more than anyone else”. Thoughts lead to action or non-a way of talk and walk. What are your thoughts? What are you talking? How are you walking? Enable the better you, with/by uplifting thoughts. You wish to witness you?, watch your thoughts.

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