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We are allowing ourselves to become unsociable while being sociable beings-meaning we feel nothing, that one that is consider to be alive feel. Don’t allow this engineering, directly or not, to snatch away our very soul(s). Stay alive one to another. We must be engage to understand and inner-stand the full spectrum of UNITY and the benefit treasures that possibly come or can begotten.

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“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”                               – Helen Keller

Family is many making one. A strong family operate in unity. A family in unity can acquire much easier the wholeness of well-being. In a community, family is everything! Family is the make up of a community, well or ill. In the word community, one can see the words, come unity. With all said, family value in society must be restore; family is the direct breeder and feeder of the make up of community.

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“M” AS “W”/ “W” AS “M”

The “M” as a “W” before “e” is greater than the “W” as a “M” before “e” ~ Diallo A.

The meaning of the above is simply: “We are greater than me”

It states unity and power.

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