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To those of us that run outside of ourselves at all times, trying to fulfill desires to no resolve; take a look inside yourself; stop wanting to run outside so much, it is noisy and confusing. Try getting familiar with the ‘Always Still’ residing within. Stillness transcend mind and time-clearing perspective for desires to be fulfill. Try it.

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One who see with a clear mind, come into liberty, by a just heart and a stillness of soul, from the understanding or as Rastas do say: overstanding of mind and heart energies, functioning in stillness(peace). With that stillness, spirit move non-constricted, causing life giving light(energy) to burst unrestricted; I’am. Like it’s said: free your mind and your ass(body) will follow. Well, if, all is mind and mind is all, be clear and still and free it and all of one will follow, into liberty.

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