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Perspective of Soul.
There is presence of Soul perpetually.
One is always in the Soul as the Soul is in one. One is Soul, without, none is truly.

Every such one or thing have not a Soul, a spirit, yes, but a soul, no!
That being said, “Soul is everything”, for with not, there is no potential of possibility to feel or come into the power of Soul-it could never be felt or known truly by the with out!

Soul is everything and nothing is more. Don’t cheat that universe, that the spirit travels eternally through-a traveling of self, to the finintiy heights and finintiy lows of self-still talking about Soul.

Soul is spirit’s universe, where eternal travel is above as below and below as above. Soul, the Abode of Rest and Unrest-the perpetual presence.

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Boredom, a monster, a killer of one’s energy, especially to static energy. Do not relinquish one’s vital energy, lively energy, creative energy, to the boredom monster. Creativity is always at one’s exposure, even if unaware. Nothing stays still or remain the same-the law is change. There is no death, only static, which is comatose, that could be consider a state of death. When boredom over whelm one’s energy, creativity goes into comatose, or extinguish completely. Manage one’s energy-planning, organizing, evaluating, that not only helps to give one’s energy direction, but also-VITALITY.

Energy is Spirit, Spirit is Energy.

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There are those who are carriers of distraction and confusion, directly or indirectly, they are distraction and confusion. However, one have to allow, the negative impact of distraction and confusion as part of oneself, for it to be usable against oneself. A relax mind, feather heart and still spirit, recognize when encounter with distraction and confusion-being opposite of such. Distraction and confusion can disrupt balance-one may want or need. So, be not, carriers of distraction and confusion to another or to self-the impact is harm in both cases.

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Unhappiness-a hinder to joy; a cancer to health; a killer of spirit, and the opposite of everything that is positive and good that happiness bring.

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Think it, so you can see it. Feel it, and it is there/here. Believe, and it will happen/appear. Know, and it is done. Whatever it may be, in spirit-thought is all.

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