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Perspective of Soul.
There is presence of Soul perpetually.
One is always in the Soul as the Soul is in one. One is Soul, without, none is truly.

Every such one or thing have not a Soul, a spirit, yes, but a soul, no!
That being said, “Soul is everything”, for with not, there is no potential of possibility to feel or come into the power of Soul-it could never be felt or known truly by the with out!

Soul is everything and nothing is more. Don’t cheat that universe, that the spirit travels eternally through-a traveling of self, to the finintiy heights and finintiy lows of self-still talking about Soul.

Soul is spirit’s universe, where eternal travel is above as below and below as above. Soul, the Abode of Rest and Unrest-the perpetual presence.

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We are allowing ourselves to become unsociable while being sociable beings-meaning we feel nothing, that one that is consider to be alive feel. Don’t allow this engineering, directly or not, to snatch away our very soul(s). Stay alive one to another. We must be engage to understand and inner-stand the full spectrum of UNITY and the benefit treasures that possibly come or can begotten.

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