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People are going to bring Sun and Rain into your life. Allow them to serve as lessons for growth. The affect or effect of, is a choice of what you allow to be. Your smile or frown will and should be, determine by you.

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They say this.

They say that.

Mom don’t worry.

Know; your son IS-this and that.

I will smile, even in my grave.

You stay around, getting your beautiful gray.

In this and that, is where I’ll always be.

I’ll be around.

Check nature.

Check the universe.

See me-in this and that?

I’am TAT!

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Smile; use the light of a smile, to illuminate the world. Smiling is as powerful as the shinning rays from the sun. Smiling give off a warmth of energy, promoting loving life. Smiling is light showing itself from within ones being, to the without ones being. An expression of pleasantness. A showing of happiness. Smile in darkness! Smile! It destroys darkness. It provokes life, and give off healthy feelings. In the word health, is heal; a smile heals. Smile for Heaven, and Earth, and all that is of the ALL.

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