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Finding truth(s) is also becoming aware of lie(s). Remain ever faithful, ever sure and watch truth(s) become evident. The Universe and Nature are truth(s), containing all truth(s). However, there is much confusion, much unbalance, that day(light) is turning into night(darkness) and the truth(s) of night seem to be vanishing also. But, as stated before: Finding truth(s) is also becoming aware of lie(s). So, find truth(s), even in lie(s) and promise, in creation’s manifestation of truth(s). The greater of lie(s)(the greater pitch of darkness), will be the greater of truth(s)(the greater pitch of light)-for the origin of all manifestation(evident of truth(s), come out from truth(s) of darkness.

“Whatever vision one may have and hold, is one’s seeing” – Diallo A.

“Vision; What is it that your (NO>eyes<NO) (YES>mind<YES) see?” – Derek A. Porter

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Being of the Universe and of Nature. Now that being said. The Universe and Nature are positive. Within the Universe there’s masculine and feminine energy{force}. A give and take, construct and destruct love making, for positive creating. The same manner is true of Nature. There is a giving and taking. You can observe an eternal dying{take} and living{give} within Nature, of LIFE-Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. A love making, for positive creating. A Love Supreme. Oh; the message: Be positive. Make love. Create.

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They say this.

They say that.

Mom don’t worry.

Know; your son IS-this and that.

I will smile, even in my grave.

You stay around, getting your beautiful gray.

In this and that, is where I’ll always be.

I’ll be around.

Check nature.

Check the universe.

See me-in this and that?

I’am TAT!

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