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The (d)evils promoting the banner of fears and lies are all around and they hate. Come now and see the angels of LOVE, now and beyond. The (d)evils are neither seen or heard no more-as we say, “let it be” and “so it is”. Change the place in/of the mind and the mind will change the place for U and I.

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Travel. Travel to breathe; travel to learn; travel for the journey. Travel to open up your mind; travel to relax your body and mind; travel to allow your body and mind to journey. Take short trips; long trips; take trips just to keep from becoming static. Disentangle from daily grind and constant routine/rut. Travel to breathe; travel to learn; travel to travel and enjoy the journey. Travel is good.

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There are those who are carriers of distraction and confusion, directly or indirectly, they are distraction and confusion. However, one have to allow, the negative impact of distraction and confusion as part of oneself, for it to be usable against oneself. A relax mind, feather heart and still spirit, recognize when encounter with distraction and confusion-being opposite of such. Distraction and confusion can disrupt balance-one may want or need. So, be not, carriers of distraction and confusion to another or to self-the impact is harm in both cases.

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When you lose your way to the door(s) of your choice of entering, know that you can redirect your way back onto your course; the door(s) is always open; the door(s) is you; the way to all things are through and by you. The “I KNOW” state of mind, is the key to the door(s), in which, you are all things.

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To those of us that run outside of ourselves at all times, trying to fulfill desires to no resolve; take a look inside yourself; stop wanting to run outside so much, it is noisy and confusing. Try getting familiar with the ‘Always Still’ residing within. Stillness transcend mind and time-clearing perspective for desires to be fulfill. Try it.

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IMG_174294630101517Now and then a picture holds my eyes and grabs the attention of my mind or heart or both. This may not be like by some. It is not meant to afflict anyone in any manner. It is intended to provoke thought. I believe that to be the intention of the author of the picture.

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Somewhere along our life-line, we may come to realize, that the “holier than thou” attitude, is but an illusion, brought on by negative thought and false philosophy. The less of us of strong mind, that mentally become deceive by and believe in such, fall prey and victimize. We are all good, we may not know it or show it-but we are ALL GOOD! Be good!

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One who see with a clear mind, come into liberty, by a just heart and a stillness of soul, from the understanding or as Rastas do say: overstanding of mind and heart energies, functioning in stillness(peace). With that stillness, spirit move non-constricted, causing life giving light(energy) to burst unrestricted; I’am. Like it’s said: free your mind and your ass(body) will follow. Well, if, all is mind and mind is all, be clear and still and free it and all of one will follow, into liberty.

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