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birthright: something one is entitled to by birth. – Merriam-Webster’s dictionary
birthright: any right or privilege to which a person is entitled by birth. – Random House Webster’s dictionary

To live your life, is a right-given with birth. No one can or would justify your right of living your life, as only you can and should. It is a right that come with one’s birth. The birth, holds the total law, of the right to the life. Live-your birth, your right, your life.

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Being of the Universe and of Nature. Now that being said. The Universe and Nature are positive. Within the Universe there’s masculine and feminine energy{force}. A give and take, construct and destruct love making, for positive creating. The same manner is true of Nature. There is a giving and taking. You can observe an eternal dying{take} and living{give} within Nature, of LIFE-Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. A love making, for positive creating. A Love Supreme. Oh; the message: Be positive. Make love. Create.

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We come to conquer. We take the book and claim our life, OURS. We fall, fall and fall again; but, we get up, up and up again, to claim our life, ours, as conquerors.

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Struggle; struggle is better when accepted, and relish. Struggle do not have to be negative. Struggle is a means in the process, and progress of attainment. Look at struggle as in the coming of birth, of a new life. Don’t run from struggle. Struggle is the working out of something to come. With no struggle, success, more often than not, is gain, and lost, easier, and quickly. Out of struggle, more often than not, come success, with appreciation, and respect of/for it. In anything worth the effort to attain, struggle is the means. Struggle hold process, and progress, when understood.

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Ye are of God little children, and have overcome them; because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. ~ John 4:4

Hold on, endure; but know with sureness, what you are holding on and enduring for. In doing so, expectancy builds and come. There is no law(s) greater than the law(s) that govern and protect the continuation of life, when realized. Man’s law(s) hold error. The higher law(s) of life do not. The law(s) of the land must and should in most cases be honor; but the higher law(s) that govern and protect the continuation of life must be upheld greater. They insure the law(s) of the land will be upheld without struggle. Be for something for life. It is everything; more than anything! Life is who and what we are! Is there an agreement?

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