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There are those who are carriers of distraction and confusion, directly or indirectly, they are distraction and confusion. However, one have to allow, the negative impact of distraction and confusion as part of oneself, for it to be usable against oneself. A relax mind, feather heart and still spirit, recognize when encounter with distraction and confusion-being opposite of such. Distraction and confusion can disrupt balance-one may want or need. So, be not, carriers of distraction and confusion to another or to self-the impact is harm in both cases.

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IMG_174294630101517Now and then a picture holds my eyes and grabs the attention of my mind or heart or both. This may not be like by some. It is not meant to afflict anyone in any manner. It is intended to provoke thought. I believe that to be the intention of the author of the picture.

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” Live, as you say. If you hurt no one, than let your living be, as you say.” ~ Diallo A.


I been walking by a river and my tears are falling. Lord, you put these tears in my eyes, to show my real heart and the sweat of my soul, from the burning that is going on inside. I don’t sleep at night. I don’t rest doing the day. My days are not so good. My nights are beautiful, more than not. I have friendship with ravens. I have counsel sessions with owls, with the moon light as my lamp. So, from the many counsel sessions with the owls; in conclusion; “I had to let everything go, to walk my steps.” With my raven friends; I became ravenous. For those who may not know, the word ravenous mean: very hungry. That hunger was/is for the life that I’am. In my start of accepting of who I’am, I found that there is no river, only trails of collected tears, that I keep walking repeatedly by; but I use them, I use them, I use them…for I’am. ~ ” TALKING TO SELF, AND ANY THAT WISH TO LISTEN “

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