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Travel. Travel to breathe; travel to learn; travel for the journey. Travel to open up your mind; travel to relax your body and mind; travel to allow your body and mind to journey. Take short trips; long trips; take trips just to keep from becoming static. Disentangle from daily grind and constant routine/rut. Travel to breathe; travel to learn; travel to travel and enjoy the journey. Travel is good.

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Somewhere along our life-line, we may come to realize, that the “holier than thou” attitude, is but an illusion, brought on by negative thought and false philosophy. The less of us of strong mind, that mentally become deceive by and believe in such, fall prey and victimize. We are all good, we may not know it or show it-but we are ALL GOOD! Be good!

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Darkness; most seem to be afraid of it or relate it to an evil. There is evil done in it, as well as good, just as an evil or good is done in light. In naked, by choice, good or evil is perform by living beings in the darkness or light. That all being said; Darkness is not an evil to me. I was created in it and born from it. All things come out from the darkness; even light. My accepting of it, I now see the light, knowing that; I’am the darkness, that come into the light.


“Blackness is where all LIFE begins, then it shows in the LIGHT” ~ Derek A. Porter

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