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In all things of desire(s)-practice.

Practice focus: Practice focus; focus in practice.

Practice determination: Practice focus, with determination to attain one’s desire(s).

Practice persistence: Practice focus, with determination, and the persistence, to attain one’s desire(s).

Practice discipline: Practice focus, with determination, and the persistence in discipline, until the attainment of one’s desire(s).

In welcoming the practice there of, joy do come in some form or/and manner, with repetition in practice of, focus, determination, persistence, and discipline, in all things of desire(s).

“Talking to self and who wish to listen”

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Be simple and do what you do, day by day and night after night.

Simple: 1: free from dishonesty, vanity or pretense. 3: not complex ~ [Webster’s Dictionary]

Don’t complicate the beauty in simple.

Complicate: make complex or hard to understand ~ [Webster’s Dictionary]

If something is complicated, meaning; complex, that can be a psychological problem. Complication is an invite for, anxiety, stress and over all vexation. See yourself through simplicity with sincerity of heart and hard to the core of mind, in focus, in all you do.

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