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What great wealth is there, that measures I AM – that you are? Are you not aware, that you are greater than your earth bound/bond senses perceive.

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Spend balance time introverted as well as extroverted. One is half, of the whole of two, making one, you. Learn what the inner being of self teaches, as well as the outer being of self teaches. Express the inner to the outer and look for the outer to return the expression back, by reflection, as heaven to earth and earth back to heaven. One is the other and the other is the one. Together is the sum, as be you.

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Smile; use the light of a smile, to illuminate the world. Smiling is as powerful as the shinning rays from the sun. Smiling give off a warmth of energy, promoting loving life. Smiling is light showing itself from within ones being, to the without ones being. An expression of pleasantness. A showing of happiness. Smile in darkness! Smile! It destroys darkness. It provokes life, and give off healthy feelings. In the word health, is heal; a smile heals. Smile for Heaven, and Earth, and all that is of the ALL.

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