Smell; be in the moment. Taste; be in the moment. Feel; be in the moment. Hear; be in the moment. See; be in the moment. If one or more of the five mention senses are unavailable, for/by some reason or another, the ones that are available, allow them to remain in the moment. Like the five individual shape, size and abilities of the fingers that form a hand(as a whole), the senses can be form and work in the same fashion(as a whole). Many of the senses are multiple task; for example: with the hearing, one can also see, with the feeling, one can also see and with the smelling, one can also taste etc. In the moment, through all pain(Rain) and all joy(Sun), both being of the process of growth, allow the moment to be. When in the moment, the senses, eat, exercise, grow and live into maturity.