This is a poem from a musician friend of mines, that I have not seen for some time now. We were thinking about building onto it and adding music. There is good insight in it, so I wish to share it.



Everybody knows somebody like someone I thought I knew.

A person who you see whenever time goes slow and days turn blue.

You encounter them at the moment you have forgotten they have ever existed.

The sheer evil that follows in their shadow seems friendly,…your perception is twisted.

Celebrating the good old times, shining bright in recited reflection,ominous memories are blurred by a lack of recollection.

As you and your new-found old friend lift your glasses to the past, keep your wits about you, for false comradeship cannot last.

Remember; a friend who takes pleasure in the pain of another, be it brother, sister, father, mother or a stranger walking down the street, of another race, religion or creed or an animal, a butterfly, a teardrop rolling from an eye.

A friend who takes pleasure in the pain of these,was never a friend, just a disease. ~ Shaun J.