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Intuition, also known as, gut insight. Questions in need of answers and decisions that need to be made-one can and should know, that listening and following the intuition that utter from the inner part of one’s self, more than not, leads to the answer(s) to the questions and the decisions to be made, that one seeks.

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This is what most believe:

The Lie

and speak:

The Lie

This is what most refuse to believe:

The Truth

and speak:

The Truth

This is what most of the lie is about:

The Truth

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“I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” ~ Psalms 82:6

Somewhere a god is without a goddess, and a goddess is without a god, and the one in need of the other. Man should seek, and draw out the goddess in a woman, and woman should seek, and draw out the god in a man; in doing so the union is bless! Man is as woman, woman is as man, and both are the highest physical showing in expression of GOD complete nature. Also, in the merging of the two energies(masculine and feminine), one will emerge demonstrating LOVE, RESPECT, and TRUTH-the gods in creation-creating.

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There is no failure in doing. Doing is the truth of what is to be done. Think not in terms of failure when doing-doing is being done. Done comes from the doing. Failure is in the not doing; so in the slogan of NIKE® Just do it!

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We can do whatever we want; You said that! We can be whatever we want; You said that! We are as free as we believe; You said that! And to know who we are, is the truth, to all that is; You said that! We are, because we be; You said that! You are-I Am-We!

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Finding truth(s) is also becoming aware of lie(s). Remain ever faithful, ever sure and watch truth(s) become evident. The Universe and Nature are truth(s), containing all truth(s). However, there is much confusion, much unbalance, that day(light) is turning into night(darkness) and the truth(s) of night seem to be vanishing also. But, as stated before: Finding truth(s) is also becoming aware of lie(s). So, find truth(s), even in lie(s) and promise, in creation’s manifestation of truth(s). The greater of lie(s)(the greater pitch of darkness), will be the greater of truth(s)(the greater pitch of light)-for the origin of all manifestation(evident of truth(s), come out from truth(s) of darkness.

“Whatever vision one may have and hold, is one’s seeing” – Diallo A.

“Vision; What is it that your (NO>eyes<NO) (YES>mind<YES) see?” – Derek A. Porter

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