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In the physical dark or physical light, emanate the all light of you and feel every bit that makes you alive. Are things as you want them to be, probably not, but things are not you, you are all things and not-emanate from the point of where the now you are. Whether it be in the light utterances from the dark or in the beauty of the dark’s light-emanate right from the point of where the now you are and feel every bit that makes you alive. Everything matters and not at all. Everything have a manner to it and about it and at the same time formless and comes to mean nothing at all. Be, s/he, a creater of creativity energy, of the Creator energy and be in the all that have manner that matters and matter of manner that is not.
There is a true-self and a physical-self, they both matters to one another and don’t.  Until the time is up, where there is no time, yet all time, emanate where the now you are, where there is manner of matter, that matters to manner not at all and feel every bit that makes you alive.

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You can never be self, without addressing the superficial that was force upon you.

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When you stop running from your self, you will see your self, know your self, be your self and enjoy your self.

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Honor and respect is due, when being honorable and respectable one’s self. Also, can rightfully be demand, when rightfully given.

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Give up acting-acting as something or one other than one’s own natural unique flow of express energy. Give up stage name-playing the part of the name given to you, that made you an unreal/fictitious character. You can never be self without undressing and rejecting the superficial that was force upon you. Get off of the plastic stage and witness your: I be, I know, I am expression.

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Thee must/should know thou. Thee are thy thou. Where thee are, thy thou also be. Know thy self, and thee will know thou also. Thou will lead thee back to thy self as thou. Thou are thee, and thee are thou. Thee are thy thou!

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Our first lesson to master: Be master of self! Learn of self, before all other things are learned. Find/seek out; the who, what, where, when, and why of self. In bare, who are we really? Masters are students-always learning.

The ancient one(s) said, “KNOW THYSELF.”

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Fear not. Fear hold one in one’s prison of self. For the one to rise, self must be crucify. Bold in love will rise from a crucified self of fear. The fear is of not what one may perceive in self, but of what one can conceive out from self. Fear not the unlimited conceivable.

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