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Children are older than acknowledge, take interest and care in them, so they can give what they have to gift. As long as they keep coming, to be around, there is possibility of the presence, to more of the abundance of light.

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Digest: Light is information-all light. The dark is greatest-holding all information. The greater the light, the greater the information. Information is activation of and for more light. Light it! In this survival game, we wish to save ourselves or another or ourselves and another. Digest: “You can not save no-one; you can only shine your light; the light do the saving to whom it saves” Shine it!

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Question asked: How much more expressions of darkness, before expressions of light take completely over-or do they need each other, to show the existence of one another?

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” ~ J.Krishnamurti

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Finding truth(s) is also becoming aware of lie(s). Remain ever faithful, ever sure and watch truth(s) become evident. The Universe and Nature are truth(s), containing all truth(s). However, there is much confusion, much unbalance, that day(light) is turning into night(darkness) and the truth(s) of night seem to be vanishing also. But, as stated before: Finding truth(s) is also becoming aware of lie(s). So, find truth(s), even in lie(s) and promise, in creation’s manifestation of truth(s). The greater of lie(s)(the greater pitch of darkness), will be the greater of truth(s)(the greater pitch of light)-for the origin of all manifestation(evident of truth(s), come out from truth(s) of darkness.

“Whatever vision one may have and hold, is one’s seeing” – Diallo A.

“Vision; What is it that your (NO>eyes<NO) (YES>mind<YES) see?” – Derek A. Porter

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Darkness; most seem to be afraid of it or relate it to an evil. There is evil done in it, as well as good, just as an evil or good is done in light. In naked, by choice, good or evil is perform by living beings in the darkness or light. That all being said; Darkness is not an evil to me. I was created in it and born from it. All things come out from the darkness; even light. My accepting of it, I now see the light, knowing that; I’am the darkness, that come into the light.


“Blackness is where all LIFE begins, then it shows in the LIGHT” ~ Derek A. Porter

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Stillness spoke: All things are balance. Opposites are one in/of the same. The ever presence of the ALL that be, be, but all.

That being said: I, have had counsel, with light and darkness, at the eternal all form table. We, of I, decided on balance, for the unity of one. – There is only ONE POWER!

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Smile; use the light of a smile, to illuminate the world. Smiling is as powerful as the shinning rays from the sun. Smiling give off a warmth of energy, promoting loving life. Smiling is light showing itself from within ones being, to the without ones being. An expression of pleasantness. A showing of happiness. Smile in darkness! Smile! It destroys darkness. It provokes life, and give off healthy feelings. In the word health, is heal; a smile heals. Smile for Heaven, and Earth, and all that is of the ALL.

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