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People are going to bring Sun and Rain into your life. Allow them to serve as lessons for growth. The affect or effect of, is a choice of what you allow to be. Your smile or frown will and should be, determine by you.

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Life and death are two sides of one door-that souls go through; all things are set; one need not to react to them; they react to one-in the knowing.

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Greetings with peace, not vexation. There is a beauty of the senses perceiving in stillness/peace, that is distorted by vexation. Vexation is a destroyer of anything that is good-good is LIFE! Life is hello and goodbye. Hello and goodbye is a blink of an eye. The blink of an eye is three hundred (300) – four hundred (400) milliseconds-very quick, really no time. So greet in giving peace, not vexation, spending time unjust to another and self. Don’t disturb another’s stillness. No one’s peace should be rob-robbing the senses of health, beauty and love. Not disturbing another’s stillness/peace is an act of love. Greetings with peace, not vexation.

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Learned: having learning

False: not genuine

Fears: unpleasant emotion(s); knowing danger; being afraid


A healthy and fulfilling life, do come much easier, by eliminating learned false fears.

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Conscious or unconscious, words are more than not, spoken careless and devoid of meaning, as if, they(words) carry no weight. Life is words-expressed out.

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Somewhere along our life-line, we may come to realize, that the “holier than thou” attitude, is but an illusion, brought on by negative thought and false philosophy. The less of us of strong mind, that mentally become deceive by and believe in such, fall prey and victimize. We are all good, we may not know it or show it-but we are ALL GOOD! Be good!

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It’s a struggle. Life is a struggle; but, it’s only exercise. The stronger you become, the better you become, in your exercise, in and of life.

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birthright: something one is entitled to by birth. – Merriam-Webster’s dictionary
birthright: any right or privilege to which a person is entitled by birth. – Random House Webster’s dictionary

To live your life, is a right-given with birth. No one can or would justify your right of living your life, as only you can and should. It is a right that come with one’s birth. The birth, holds the total law, of the right to the life. Live-your birth, your right, your life.

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