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Question asked: How much more expressions of darkness, before expressions of light take completely over-or do they need each other, to show the existence of one another?

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” ~ J.Krishnamurti

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Darkness; most seem to be afraid of it or relate it to an evil. There is evil done in it, as well as good, just as an evil or good is done in light. In naked, by choice, good or evil is perform by living beings in the darkness or light. That all being said; Darkness is not an evil to me. I was created in it and born from it. All things come out from the darkness; even light. My accepting of it, I now see the light, knowing that; I’am the darkness, that come into the light.


“Blackness is where all LIFE begins, then it shows in the LIGHT” ~ Derek A. Porter

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Stillness spoke: All things are balance. Opposites are one in/of the same. The ever presence of the ALL that be, be, but all.

That being said: I, have had counsel, with light and darkness, at the eternal all form table. We, of I, decided on balance, for the unity of one. – There is only ONE POWER!

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