To be, you do. To do, you be. You be, as you be, as you do. Doing is the works for being. Whatever may be, will be by the doing. Do! Be!

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PEACE UNTO YOU! Peace is wellness. Illness of any form is a disturbance of peace. So, if it be, person, place, or thing, and you, and them, are at odds-it is an enemy to your peace. Put an unapologetic end, and rest yourself in peace.

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Always facing crossroad decisions in your ever thought. When you come unto them, you can turn from them, or face them-a crossroad decision it will be, and you would have made.

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Honor and respect is due, when being honorable and respectable one’s self. Also, can rightfully be demand, when rightfully given.

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When you lose your way to the door(s) of your choice of entering, know that you can redirect your way back onto your course; the door(s) is always open; the door(s) is you; the way to all things are through and by you. The “I KNOW” state of mind, is the key to the door(s), in which, you are all things.

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Give up acting-acting as something or one other than one’s own natural unique flow of express energy. Give up stage name-playing the part of the name given to you, that made you an unreal/fictitious character. You can never be self without undressing and rejecting the superficial that was force upon you. Get off of the plastic stage and witness your: I be, I know, I am expression.

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Digest: Light is information-all light. The dark is greatest-holding all information. The greater the light, the greater the information. Information is activation of and for more light. Light it! In this survival game, we wish to save ourselves or another or ourselves and another. Digest: “You can not save no-one; you can only shine your light; the light do the saving to whom it saves” Shine it!

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Livinig in a world that directly or/and indirectly creates a false sense of fear. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of death I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.” – Psalm 23:4 Kjv.  Fear not; fear keeps vital living energy down in one’s life and constrict instead. Fear is confusion. Fear is an illuion. Fear locks one down – kept in a box. Fear keeps one from truth of self, others and environment. So, as been said by the ancient and wise: “know thyself” and eliminate useless and pointless fear. Study, using all the informational tools that are available. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” – author unknown.  Also, if God is all and God be for you and God is love and you were created by love and you are love, where in that equation is fear? Eliminate useless and pointless fear! Fear not.

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