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Life and death are two sides of one door-that souls go through; all things are set; one need not to react to them; they react to one-in the knowing.

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Some say, there is more wealth in America than anywhere in the world, but if that is so, why most of us don’t have a pot, or pan, or plate, or toilet (pardon the vulgarity) to piss into?

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When you stop running from your self, you will see your self, know your self, be your self and enjoy your self.

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Blank sheet(s) is/are better than expelling vomit of thought(s) on paper!

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Question: Have you read a good book lately?

Here’s thought: The best book that could be read by one-is the one and only book of its kind-bestseller from beginning to end-no other like it-title-“KNOW THYSELF”.

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Travel. Travel to breathe; travel to learn; travel for the journey. Travel to open up your mind; travel to relax your body and mind; travel to allow your body and mind to journey. Take short trips; long trips; take trips just to keep from becoming static. Disentangle from daily grind and constant routine/rut. Travel to breathe; travel to learn; travel to travel and enjoy the journey. Travel is good.

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Know of the knowing. To know is sureness of. To try to be or do, you never will, until you know and let. Trying is to be unsure. One must try, that is forsure, but once one know, trying is no more-it becomes an automatic/natural act of being and doing. Know!

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What you believe to be, will be, by you. Within your be-ing, there be, all the force/power, to bring what you believe, into being. It’s a force/power, that’s possess by all, but use by few. Believe in your be-ing, to be.

“Talking to self and who wish to listen”©

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